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Heal, Evolve, Celebrate through the Art and Science of Awake Living

Through my studies with teachers such as Gangaji, Master Charles Cannon, Eli Jaxson-Bear and Derek O'Neill I have developed a methodology of self-discovery that many have found to be truly helpful.

I offer a free phone consultation to see it these principles resonate with you. Please use our contact form for any inquiry you might have.

"I feel very fortunate that Dana has come into my life. Her teachings prove to be more invaluable everyday. I have never felt more at ease and confident in my ability to create precisely what I need in my personal and professional life. I simply cannot recommend her enough!"   

      - Drew R.

"Dana plays an instrumental role in my personal development. With her help, I am able to connect far deeper with my emotional, physical and mental bodies and navigate my life from a more truthful, balanced place. I'm so grateful for our continued work together."      

      - Luke G

"Working with Dana has transformed my world view, opening my eyes to the true nature of the universe and the interconnection of all its inhabitants.

Her work with me has enabled me to recognize my life’s journey. She has given me tools and strategies to navigate that journey with equanimity and mindfulness.

Dana is truly a gifted healer, and she has been an invaluable part of my spiritual growth. For that, I am very grateful." 

     -  Mark F.

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